Our Mission

Adapting to climate change, preventing desertification and enhancing food security aren’t separate paths in development, but come together in the soil.

By applying remote sensing technology and machine learning, we are able to provide up to date, reliable and low-cost soil carbon measurements and develop verified carbon offset projects.

These projects not only remove CO2 from the atmosphere, but mitigate conflict and food insecurity in the most vulnerable areas.


Remote Monitoring

SoilWatch uses bleeding edge Earth Observation and machine learning technology to provide accurate, scalable, up to date data and analysis of soil health and carbon levels..

Regenerative Agriculture

SoilWatch promotes agricultural and pastoral activities that increase resilience, productivity and food security, all while increasing soil carbon levels.

Carbon Financing

SoilWatch enables farmers to access markets for carbon removals by ensuring that their activities go beyond the highest standards and are recognised for their positive impacts beyond climate action.

Who We Are

William Ouellette

Earth Observation and data scientist, happiest when grinding gravel.

Eero Wahlstedt

Monitoring, evaluation and verification specialist and dad-rock enthusiast


Regenerative agriculture specialist happiest in a field or in mountains.

David Morrison

Climate change and conflict specialist, advocate, happiest in water